Levent Apt., 1/1, Ulus Caddesi, Gönyeli, Nicosia, North Cyprus
Come and Join the Night Watch Experience
AlagadI Sea Turtle ConservatIon and Research Centre
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When you are escorted off the beach a volunteer will ask your group to leave a donation. Do take a look at our range of custom turtle merchandise. Although you are not obliged to make a donation, we hope you find the experience very rewarding and we suggest a donation of £10 (or equivalent currency) per adult visitor. These funds are used directly to feed volunteers and to provide fuel and supplies to ensure that all nesting sites are patrolled daily. Our project is funded through ecotourism not subsidised by any committed local or international sponsor. There are no facilities for any card payments.

What to brIng

Shoes: All participants MUST WEAR CLOSED SHOES and not flip flops. Sturdy sandals with ankle support are OK. This is critical as you will be walking over rocky and sandy ground in the dark under moon and starlight. We reserve the right to turn visitors away if they are not wearing appropriate footwear.

Comfort: IT WILL GET COLD and you may need to wait for several hours. Turtles nest at Alagadi nearly every night, but sometimes they keep us waiting. The more comfortable you are the more likely you are to stick it out and see a turtle, so be prepared. Bring a warm jumper and even a blanket to snuggle up in, snacks, drinks etc. On the other hand, do not bring more than you can carry among your party. Do not bring alcoholic drinks.

ToIlet FacIlItIes

You may use the toilet facilities at the project base but no facilities are available on the beach.

Also, consider that our personnel from overseas pay a fee toward their participation on the project. They work long hours, doing difficult work in a harsh environment and entirely as volunteers. Our work is not restricted to this beach, we cover over 40 beaches across the island with 30-40 personnel active at any one time.

Any queries please contact info@cyprusturtles.org.


Arrive at the Alagadi Goat Shed for 20:20. There are opportunities to leave the beach approximately every 30 minutes according to patrols.


You will be given a briefing before descending onto the beach by 21:00. Volunteers will be with you at all times and we encourage you to chat to them about their experiences. For more details read the info in the Watch Turtles section of our website.